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<== Utilice the menu of the left to select the type search.

>> If it wishes to look for concrete information on the approved list of credits in Europe or the USA beats in “Looking for Technical information on medecines?.

>> If it wishes information on Medecine Security, Alert emitted by the sanitary autoriadades on Medecines beats “To look for information on Medecine Security?.

>> If it wishes to look for resources on medecine evaluation (information of sanitary institutions, bulletins of information, resources on methodology, etc.) beat “To look for resources on Selection and medecine Evaluation?.

>> Another option is the search by thematic areas of the Farmacoterapia.

>> the strategy search is based on two tools:

1. - Directory (internal) with selected resources and an own finder (Seeking

2. - Seeking external based on “Google customized search? (GSC) formed for a search optimized according to concrete criteria (thematic medecine selection, security, searches according to specialties, etc)

>> Alternatively Multibuscador can use that will redirigirá the searches to other finders of interest.

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